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Plaid Shirts For Women

You have associated plaid shirts to be boring and working rural girls wore them. But as these Plaid Shirts For Women rocked the fashion trends this year, you decided to pay a closer look and found that a large section of your female friends were wearing them with great fashion IQ.  The next time you attend a family lunch get together; wear a red plaid short with blue denims and a white vest inside. Create a cool look by tying the lower portions of the plaid shirt into a knot. You would be complemented for your dressing sense and would be asked to share a few more styles of wearing them.

What are the popular plaid shirts available for women?

Like men there are various popular plaid shirt brands. Some of them are discussed below:

Plaid Shirts For Women•    Sleeveless Ruffle Plaid top from Baby Phat

This is a pretty among the plaid shirts for women. This shirt gives you a girly look with the ruffled multicolored plaid shirt. You can pair them with jeans or a denim skirt and you would sport the unusual chic casual look with flair. People around you with perceive you as women with high fashion taste.

•    Plaid Blouse with Gemma Riley

This plaid blouse is very attractive with its white motif over the black shirt. The shirt enjoys a flow feel which gives it a casual but a sexy look. You can team this simple sexy shirt with denim colored leggings and you would be in your comfort zone every day. This Plaid Shirts For Women gives it a new fashion essence.

•    Marc Jobs Plaid Shirt

When you wear a Marc Jobs Plaid Shirt you would sport a very individual fashion style. This light material cotton shirt can be worn for many occasions. The puff adds elegance and the Peter Pan collar gives it a girly look.

•    Flannel Plaid Shirt which has a long sleeve from BillBong Junior’s Dixon

You would think it is a simple plaid top, but the plaid top is very shapely and enjoys a pleated fashioned shoulder. This shirt is long like a tunic and you can wear with fitted leggings or jeans.

•    Flannel Plaid Shirt from Lucky Brand Brooke

This enjoys a western designed blouse and can be worn with jeans, long skirts. The shirt has round hem and this makes it very feminine.

Chic Tips to wear your plaid shirts

Here are some chic tips to wear your plaid shirts for women.

•    When selecting your plaid shirt understand the complexion of your skin. If you are light skinned you can wear warm dark colored plaid shirts. But if you are dark skinned, you can stick to colors like bottle green, purple, navy blue or chocolate.

•    If you enjoy a petite size you can wear fitted plaid shirts with jeans. You can wear an oversized plaid shirt, if you team them with a fitted jacket and well fitted denim jeans.

•    You can wear your masculine plaid shirt with a long skirt and boots. If you have a small waist you can use a neutral colored belt to accentuate it.

•    Tunic styled plaid shirts can be worn with leggings to give curvaceous women great fashion attire.

•    Shirt dresses are in this year. You can wear these plaid shirt dresses with leggings and ankle length booth.

•    If you are busty you can wear a plaid shirt and wear it with a long skirt.

How to take care of your plaids shirts?

When you wear these plaid shirts, remember they need to be taken care on a daily basis. The regular care tips are:

•    Wash these plaid shirts in a mild detergent. A strong detergent might spoil their color.

•    Do not use too much heat on them while ironing, especially if they are made of flannel material.

•    Store them properly in separate closets.

•     If they are made from cotton, take care of them and do not expose them to the direct rays of the sun when drying them.

•    It is best to wash these plaid shirts by hand.

The simple plaid shirt can be given a great look when teamed with a good long skirt or jeans. Accurate accessories would give them an individual fashion style which you would enjoy.